For whom interesting?

Starters, Entrepreneurs & Investors who want to invest in their residency 

Which flags will be covered?

Residency / Long-term Visa, Tax Residency, Retiring Abroad, Golden Visa


Thailand - South East Asia
Additional Content: Living tax-free in Thailand

Minimum Investment?

Retirement Visa: 800.000 THB - locked in own bank account
Golden Visa: Starts from 500.000 THB investment


Retirement Visa: >50 years old
ED Visa: cannot be used long-term
Golden Visa: time-limited

It's the dream of so many expats: Retire or live long-term in Thailand

Indeed it's a great idea. Thailand has so much to offer. From buzzing cities to paradise islands. 

What you should love: Lot's of sun, high humidity and warm temperatures all year long. 

In this article and video, I want to share 3 ways with you how you can live long-term in Thailand

1. Test Thailand as a tourist

Even if you think that you will love your new lifestyle in Thailand and you are sure to move there... It's always better to first test it and get a real impression on-site. 

I love Thailand. Maybe it will be the same for you, maybe not. 

So better you make sure that you will live some time first as a tourist in Thailand before you have to invest some money to get your long-term visa. 

A perfect visa for this is the ED "Education" Visa. 

You will be able to stay up to one year in Thailand if the immigration will extend your visa after the first 3 months. 

For that, you need to study one of the following:

One year is enough time to find out if you like to live in Thailand long-term 🙂 

2. Retirement visa

You are over 50 years old? If yes, then this option is something for you. Please move to way number three if you are under 50 years.

For the retirement visa the following conditions have to be met:

Two months before you apply for the retirement visa, you have to deposit 800.000 THB in your Thai bank account. The Bangkok Bank is a good option for foreigners. 

Once your retirement visa is issued, you have to wait another three months before you can withdraw up to 400.000 THB from your bank account.  

Make sure that three months before extending your visa, there is again 800.000 THB in your account available. 

You can always repeat it as long the Thai government is not changing the rules for this visa. You can stay for one year in Thailand with this visa before you need to extend again. 

2. Thai elite visa

The Thai Elite visa is a Golden Visa, which allows you to get a 5-year multiple entry visa.

For that, you have to become a member and pay for that membership. 

You will never be able to get your money back. On the other side, you will have the best service and lots of benefits if you use Thai Elite. 

With this visa, you will never again have to wait a long time at the immigration when arriving at the airport. You can use Fast-track immigration as a member. 

Membership starts with 500.000 THB for 5-years membership and 1 to 2 million THB for 20-years. 

Thailand Elite is the best and most convenient way to stay long-term in the kingdom. 

is thailand a good option for tax optimization

Thailand will tax you on your worldwide income. There is one exception from this: 

Foreign income that will brought into Thailand, not the same tax year, is considered to be exempt from income tax. 

So that means if we earn our money with a foreign entity and not redeem this money the same year to Thailand, we can legally live tax-free in Thailand.  

If this strategy can apply to you, we have to check with our team. Feel free to book a free strategy call.

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