For whom interesting?

Entrepreneurs & Investors with minimum income of 200.000 GEL/year last 3 years or who want to invest/deposit 3 Million GEL inside Georgia  

Which flags will be covered?

Tax Residency / Residency, Golden Visa


Republic of Georgia - Country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia 

Minimum Investment?

Investment :

100.000 USD in Georgia -> 1 year residency 
300.000 USD in Georgia -> 3 to 5 year residency 
Work permit 1 year:
with own company -> minimum turnover per foreigner of 50.000 GEL/year 

Tax Residency without HNWI Status:
183-day rule

Tax Residency with HNWI Status:
Deposit/Investment: minimum 3 Million GEL or
Proof of income: 200.000 GEL/year the last 3 years


Consider Tie-breaker rule 
Better to build substance in Georgia and live there part-time per year 

Georgia Placeholder

In this article, we will cover the interesting taxation system in the Republic of Georgia and how to get around the minimum stay of 183-days to become a tax resident through the HNWI-Status. 

With the right personal and corporate international structure, it's possible to live completely tax-free in Georgia or extremely tax reduced. 

Taxation in georgia

Georgia has a very simple taxation system compared to other countries and is an onshore jurisdiction

There are 6 flat tax rates in Georgia - Corporate Profit Tax, Value Added Tax, Excise Tax, Personal Income Tax, Import Tax, and Property Tax. 

Personal Income tax in Georgia is collected at a flat rate of 20% on local-source income. Foreign-source personal income is tax-exempt.

This taxation system is also referred to as a "territorial taxation system". I wrote an article about all 5 basic taxation systems around the world. You can read it here

With the right personal and corporate international structure, it's possible to live completely tax-free in a territorial taxation system or extremely tax reduced. If you are interested in how we can help you with your specific situation, please schedule a call with our team. 

Corporate Taxation is deferred flat at 15%. Deferred taxation or deferred corporate tax means that your company only will pay the 15% tax on profits that were distributed to you (e.g. with a dividend). 

Georgia has the same corporate tax system as in Estonia.    

How to become a tax resident in georgia?

There are two main ways to become a tax resident in Georgia. 

Please note: Before becoming a tax resident, you should become a legal resident of Georgia because authorities often don't recognize long-term tourists as tax residents. For HNWI Status, you can only apply if you are a resident. 

First, and the main way for most residents: Staying at least 183-days inside Georgia per calendar year.   

The second way is interesting for all high net worth individuals. Once you meet the conditions to be recognized as an HNWI, you don't have to stay at all in Georgia to become a tax resident.

The Ministry of Finance will issue you directly the "Certificate of residence" after approval. This is how it looks like: 

In the picture above, you can see a censored certificate of residence which was issued to one of our clients. He got the HNWI Status in Georgia with our help in about 3 months after applying. 

How is an high net worth individual defined in georgia?

In Georgia everybody can apply for the HNWI-Status if he can meet one of the following conditions

annual income

Step 1

Annual income of 200.000 GEL the last three years (foreign or local income, proofed with tax returns, etc.)


Step 2

Minimum deposit/investment of 3.000.000 GEL inside Georgia (e.g. property worth that amount or some financial products)


Before you can apply for HNWI Status, you have to become a legal resident. With a touristic visa, it's not possible to apply!

There are several options available to become a resident.  We help our clients mainly with these 3 ways to get residency in Georgia

work permit

We will set up your company in Georgia and apply for a work permit. The work permit is usually issued for one year after approval. Every year we have to renew. To get this permit, your company has to make a minimum turnover per year per foreigner of 50.000 GEL

investment short-term

Minimum investment of 100.000 USD inside Georgia (e.g. Property, real estate, etc.). You will receive a one year residency permit after approval.

investment long-term

Minimum investment of 300.000 USD inside Georgia (e.g. Property, real estate, etc.). You will receive a 3 to 5 year residency permit after approval.

Picture: Our residency card of Georgia. 

Detailed information in my video

Please feel free to watch my detailed video about the HNWI Status in Georgia, it's requirements, and benefits.  

Benefits of HNWI status in georgia

The main benefit of the HNWI Status is that you will become a tax resident of the Republic of Georgia without minimum stay.

Usually, you have to stay for that at least 183-days in the Caucasus country per year.  

As a tax resident, you can make use of the territorial taxation system of Georgia. With the right structure, you can live legally tax-free on personal income levels.

With the certificate of residence, you can prove your home country where you live and pay taxes now so that you can completely opt-out of their tax system (if needed). 

Please consider that you should build with us enough substance and stay a few weeks per year inside Georgia to make this option safer. 

This is very important in the case of dual tax residency and usage of tie-breaker rules. 

Please contact us if you want to get the HNWI Status in Georgia.

Do you want to see results?

Are you tired of searching for your perfect international structure? 

We can help you to legally reduce your taxes, get your second residence and passport, and build your solid and holistic international strategy

The only thing you have to do now: Schedule an appointment for your free strategy call.  

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