In my latest Facebook Live, I will show you potential opportunities during Corona Crisis and which impact it has to your internationalization.

From this weekend on we will have our "Offshore Secrets" Curfew Days. You are more than welcome to join this event. Just register here ->

During this event, I and my team of lawyers and tax-advisors will show you global opportunities to legally lower your taxes and become a global citizen.

Download all slides as .pdf here ->


Now is the best time to rethink your current setup and if you want to change something.
You can prepare yourself and start executing as soon as the situation normalizes.

Book an appointment with our team to see how we can help you in your situation.

Do you have further questions to this topic?

Do you want to see results?

Are you tired of searching for your perfect international structure? 

We can help you to legally reduce your taxes, get your second residence and passport, and build your solid and holistic international strategy

The only thing you have to do now: Schedule an appointment for your free strategy call.  

Sergio von Facchin
Sergio von Facchin

Sergio von Facchin is Author, Global Citizen, Perpetual Traveler, and an Internationalization & Global Tax Planning Expert.

On our webpage, I will show you where you find the best options on this planet for your business and yourself! Legal strategies for tax optimization, how you can fast grow a fortune and how to live a free life.

For that, I travel to dozens of countries every year. I research the best options around the globe and tell you about them here at, so you can implement the strategies in your life.

I and my team will help you if you like with your tailored international strategy. For more information about how we can help you, please visit this page ->

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