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Entrepreneurs & Investors who want to invest in in real estate in Panama  

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International Investments 


Panama - Central America

Minimum Investment?

250.000 USD

The mix of modern, international metropolis protected by the USA, Latin American flair and beautiful nature makes Panama an exceptional and attractive country. 

Combined with the USD as the national currency and a modern infrastructure, Panama is today one of the countries with the highest economic growth rates in the world. 

We offer investors professional access to the real estate market in Panama and with the investment we pursue the following objectives:

Europeans and Asians have barely discovered the market for themselves so far, so that we want to play a pioneering role, which is not yet the focus of investors.

why panama?

"International Living" has once again voted Panama the best country in the world in 2019 when it comes to the question where to retire best. 

They justify it with the unique combination of natural beauty, climate, standard of living, medical care and security, which no other country has to offer in such abundance.




Location and logistics



Investment opportunities

Properties in prime locations to rent them out

Restoration of a UNESCO Colonial Building

Purchase or development of an island property

1. Properties in prime locations to rent them out or for personal use

Apartments in the front row on the Pacific Ocean in the modern city are particularly in demand because of their attractive rental yields, unique location and good rentability. 

Here you have an unobstructed view of the Pacific Ocean, the islands and the old town. This unique location also applies to the historic UNESCO Old Town. "Casco Viejo" is the old town and the "in" district of the city. 

It is located on a peninsula, offers a variety of hotels, bars and restaurants and is a magnet for tourists and locals alike. 

In both districts, multinational companies are looking for rental apartments for their employees. 

This type of investment can serve as a capital investment to achieve regular and attractive rental returns in USD. In the same way, these properties can of course also be used by yourself. 

For Europeans, it is easy to obtain the unlimited residence permit in Panama, which makes it possible to live and work in Panama.

2. Restoration of a UNESCO Colonial Building

In the very beautiful old town "Casco Viejo" investors are rebuilding the Spanish historical colonial buildings. 

Together with a German construction manager -at the same time one of the most experienced restorers- investors have the opportunity to rebuild a historical colonial building with a view of the sea and the skyline and to rent it afterwards or use it themselves.

3. Purchase or development of an island property

With a length of 1,900 km, both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts offer many different investment regions with fantastic beaches. 

The same applies to the mountainous regions, where springtime is all year round. Both regions are equally popular with tourists, locals and foreigners, thousands of whom have settled here. 

In addition to the pleasant climate, they are attracted by the peace and quiet and the breathtaking landscape with white beaches or waterfalls, orchids and coffee plantations.

Purchase procedure in Panama

We usually need about 3 months from the price agreement to the change of ownership in the land register. 

This process looks in short form as follows: 

1. Reservation agreement for 3 weeks with a deposit of 1%.
2. Technical and legal due diligence.
3. Signing of the purchase contract and 10% down payment.
4. The seller will now pay taxes and outstanding water and electricity bills.
5. Notary meeting with presentation of the bank letter of payment.
6. Entry in the land register.

Minimum investment for our services is 250.000 USD.

What could Panama do better?

Profitable, safe and beautiful: Investments in Panama

If you are able to invest a minimum of 250.000 USD in real estate in Panama, please feel free to contact our partner Klaus on-site! 

He already helped several entrepreneurs and investors in Panama with his company to invest in this sector! To get directly in contact with Klaus please fill our this form: 


We started our operations in April 2017 in Panama. We have very good access to the real estate market in Panama. In January 2018, we began with “arsago Real Estate” from Frankfurt to build up a diversified and profitable real estate portfolio in Panama, in which investors as limited partners participate. In general we offer real estate advisory, brokerage and property administration. Before 2017 Klaus worked for 23 years in the financial industries in Frankfurt for UBS and Dresdner Bank. His wife is from Panama.

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